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Purchase watches online safely!

During the last years, the Internet has developed into the main marketplace for new watches, and also especially for used watches. The online trade with brand name watches is booming, but the safety concerns are also growing among potential customers. Impending risks like e.g. fraud with fake watches, replicas, or imitations are the largest barriers for watch purchase online according to current surveys among Internet users. And the strongly growing market volume not only draws serious providers, but also an increasing number of fraudsters. Their doings can be stopped and much damage can be prevented through safety-conscious behaviour of purchasers and sellers in online trade.

Highest safety for watch purchasers on TrustedWatch

In order to provide watch purchasers worldwide with a safe and serious environment for watch purchase, we in the watch marketplace of TrustedWatch consistently pay attention to safety, control, and prevention. Every provider is checked comprehensively prior to participation, and the offers of every provider are subject to regular inspections by TrustedWatch. In order to further minimize the risk of misuse for purchasers, private providers cannot offer watches directly. Only with these elaborate measures can criminal providers be scared away thoroughly, and we can guarantee a safe market environment. An effort that always pays off in the interest of the serious sellers!

What you should pay attention to during watch purchase

You should pay attention to the following general notices and tips during watch purchase via Internet:

If in spite of all efforts a case of damage occurs, inform the police of the circumstance immediately! In general, save all correspondence with your dealer, and note the names of your contact persons and all people involved.

We are there for you

Should you have questions about a dealer or an offered watch on our marketplace, please contact us. We are gladly available to you and wish you much pleasure in our watch market!

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